Following Historic $154 Million LeBron James Trade, Should Lakers Change Name to LeBrons?


by Jefferson

The Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to sign LeBron James to a $154 million dollar deal that assures the NBA star’s services for a four-year contract.

Here are the requisite links to what people are saying on Twitter that all the staff on Yahoo! do for story filler:

The idea is that LeBron bossed Tyron Lue around in Cleveland and let’s face it, chased Kyrie Irving away.  LeBron is a good player, but to be good he has to run the show.  Will Luke Walton and Magic Johnson be able to put up with LeBron’s demands?

More important, will LeBron James be able to put baby LaVar in a corner with a binkie so he stays quiet for more than five minutes?  With Malik Newman now being signed to the Lakers, the answer to that is one mediocre point guard free agent from being ‘yes’ and Lonzo getting busted down to the D league.

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