Crybaby Non-Warriors Fans Angry Over NBA Star Demarcus Cousins Trade


by Jefferson

NBA star DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins is leaving smoothies behind in New Orleans and headed to the Golden State Warriors.

Somewhere in the last decade of American history, NBA fans must have become a field of participation trophy-for-all millenials because their social media backlash and crying over the Warriors roster is shameful.

Here is the retweet stuff part that passes for news these days:

Why should NBA players refuse to play because they “cannot” compete against the Warriors?

Could you imagine the USA hockey team crying during the 1980s, flailing and throwing tantrums because they were too scared to play against Russia’s super team? There would have been no championship on ice. What if the greatest generation fled the battlefields of 1940’s Europe because the enemy was just too well organized.

This type of give up attitude is a virus that is consuming our culture. Any person that would not want their team to have a chance to square off against the Warriors can go to the D-league of fandom to cheer mediocrity and the downfall of gritty American drive to win.

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