Is It Time for Gay Americans Launch A New Campaign to Genetically Engineer Beluga Whales to Attack Republicans with Homosexual Chemtrail Waters?


by Fred Daly

Several years ago, investigative media reports showed how gays used advanced technology and sciences to destroy the heterosexual genome and usher in a new era of gay marriage acceptance, in even the most conservative states.

Reports flourished with stories of how gays used pulsing ultrasonic radiation, lurid chemical concoctions and even explosive 4th of July light displays to bend conservative America to their will, loudly masticating and savoring their ultimate victory on June 16, 2015.

In 2015, gays pooled their vast resources and scientific savvy to unleash wild and imaginative attacks on conservative Republicans. In this undated photograph, a tight-ab beluga whale uses impressive core strength to emerge from the water and spritz the unsuspecting crowd with a torrent of what some scientists have termed ‘homosexual chemtrail water’.

In the years that followed, however, gays became giddy and distracted, opting to throw lavish benders in exotic locations to celebrate their marriages. They became arrogant, using their double-income homes and advanced degrees to buy expansive mansions in the Hamptons, tucking their lifestyle and riches away from the commoners and only coming out to party during their wild pride weekends.

During this interim period, conservatives who were brainwashed by machine, chemicals, lights or even word of mouth started to come to, their spiritual faith shocked and appalled by fleeting memories of accepting foreign testosterone transfer of the same gender and not working hard enough to gerrymander to cheat liberals out of office.

The angry backlash against what gays did propelled the most hardcore person on the Republican ticket, Donald J Trump, to the presidency in 2016.

Since then, the same spirit of frustration against anything liberal has sent the nation into a downward spiral of chaos where members of the GOP would support a communist nation over their fellow American.

Gays Have a Responsibility to Save America and the GOP

All of the chaos of the last two years of politics in America can be traced back to the equality wars instigated by Obama.  Instead of just letting people be content keeping the status quo and denying rights to minorities, Obama had to get everyone all riled up and politicking for civil rights.

Of course, once energized gays always prove to be an unstoppable force.  If you give a gay man an inch, he will take a mile.  He will then take so many miles that you end up all turned around and confused.

The constant networking, the energy drinks, the endless bank accounts and sassyness gave them an unfair advantage.  Within a presidency, they were able to undo centuries worth of moral edict for America, using all of their wild and crazy ideas.

But it is now that America may once again need those wild and crazy ideas.  Perhaps some members of the GOP needs another dosing of gay chemtrails — or perhaps to be tapered off slowly — so that they can not let blind rage against gays, or perhaps the fact that there was a black president, to support someone who clearly has violated things that would have made them explode with anger and rioting cheers of ‘Impeach!’ if done by any other president.

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