As Republicans Plot The Demise of Western Civilization, Democrats Continue to Laugh and Satirize It All


by Jefferson

A spritzy martini in one hand and the remote in the other, all across the nation Democrats are waiting to see what their favorite actors on NBC’s Saturday Night Live will come up with to mock Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court.

Millions of liberal-minded folks will take comfort in watching their logic and trouble with Republican politics follied on television, perhaps watching the likes of Colbert or a huffy Maddow instead of the concrete humor of an SNL cold-open.

Modern liberalism — namely the new Democrats — have become a blinded church unto themselves.¬† That is to say, the culture of modern liberalism is steeped in preaching to the choir.

While Republicans actively wage war, rally and defend anything that is slightly offensive to them, be it their gubernatorial candidates cruising through towns with gun-mounted turrets on their campaign vehicles, demanding less rights for minorities or poor GOPers or feeling great about mocking alleged assault victims.

Now with firm control of the nation’s judicial branch with the 50-48 nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, people who have cheered for Nazis and supremacists¬†are assured 20 years of deciding which of the nation’s laws should be overturned or interpreted.

And Democrats will hop online, share snarky memes, unfriend conservative colleagues and family on Facebook and come midterm elections on November 6th, fail to show up to the polls and allow Republicans to continue the nation down its new path toward a future of segregation, women’s oppression, subjugation of the gullible poor and damnation for all who don’t espouse values, morality and conservatism by the elected few white Christian men in power.

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