Liberals Ban Christmas Classic ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ In Bid To Destroy Masculinity

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

The liberal’s war on Christmas took dramatic new heights this week after social media warriors forced radio stations worldwide to stop playing the Christmas classic ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’.

Back when America was great, a man could gently tug a woman’s arm and tell her ‘Baby, It’s cold outside!’ and have her sit back on his lap as he helped her loosen her uptight liberalism.  Nowadays, the liberal war on Christmas is putting an end to this age-old tradition of a handsome man treating a lady friend to a nice evening of Christmas charm and fun.

The song is a traditional Christmas hymn in which a strong man of faith refuses to let a woman wander out in the cold.  She allows all sorts of excuses enter her fickle mind and she is just so unsure of herself. The man in the song reassures her that he can warm her up quite well.  After some playful banter she finally succumbs to what she truly wanted and agrees to follow his commands.

This just shows a healthy Christmas relationship.  A few friendly drinks, a warm bed and a few kisses under the mistletoe.  This timeless classic has nothing wrong with it, but liberals are claiming it belittles women because the man simply told her to change her mind because she was confused as to what she wanted.

If she were left to go out into the cold and had suffered frost bite, women everywhere would be up in arms and saying he was not a gentleman.

Beyond all that, the issue liberals have with this song is that it is a Christmas tradition.  They are trying to strip away every good part of Christmas, one by one.  They already tried to rename Christmas as X-mas, are forcing children to say happy holidays in schools and now are even attacking male libido itself, the very driving element of humanity, in their bid to turn the world into a Godless kingdom of eternal damnation.

Polls show that the majority of Americans, a whopping 87%, want ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ to be placed back on the airwaves immediately.  Obama’s liberals are trying to implement Shariah Law in America and forcing this song off the radio against everyone’s wishes is truly among the first steps of their sinister machinations.  Today it will be neutering the male’s Christmas spirit right in the jingle bells, tomorrow it will be women forced to wear head to toe robes and not being able to leave the house.  Just watch.

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