Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wears Red Dress with Boring Grandma Neckline, Then Complains She’s Getting No Attention

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is wearing a boring, prudish red dress in this image and then wonders why men aren’t giving her a fair share of attention.  A buxom 29-year-old should celebrate her sensuality and give the other men in Congress a little something to look at if she wants to keep them engaged.

Think about it.  If you go to a new car lot, you do not want to test drive a ’97 Buick or an Oldsmobile.  You want the shiny red F-350 lifted hemi.  You don’t want a boring featureless ride:

Hair boringly pulled back, oversized granny glasses and a dress that shows it’d  could reveal tantalizing interest but its high shrewish neckline just inspires boredom.  Liberal Alexandrio Ocasio-Cortez is confused why she is not getting proper attention from men in Congress, but needs to look no further in the mirror.  If she were to offer a little more candy maybe she’d find she had a more sweet, savory reception from her Republican counterparts.

Somewhere along the line in US history, liberal women got the crazy idea that men want to hear their opionion without any benefits.  When we listen, just give us a bit of eye-candy to inspire the brain and keep it paying attention.  Pull a Basic Instinct leg cross.  Wear a dress with a swooping top.  If women were made to be covered-up prunes, then they would not be made to have promising covers and then cover it up with a boring Shariah’d dress.

The only double-standard I see in all of this is covered behind thick boring fabric.

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