Liberals Now Trying To Guilt Jogger Who Had To Wrangle “Mountain Lion Orphan Kitten”

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

Several weeks ago, we all threw our red hats skyward and celebrated the story of a tough jogger who was attacked by a wild cougar!  The cat strategically hid in the bush, its beastly muscles teaming with wild strength as it flew through the air and tried to make a meal out of a defenseless, unsuspecting jogger.

The big cat did not anticipate the man would fight back and defend himself.   Initial reports detail how the man had to do his solemn duty as the ruler fo the animal kingdom and put the big cat in its place.  He was hailed a hero, well, that is until the liberal media got their spin on this story of rugged individualism and turned it all upside down.

In perhaps one of the greatest examples of twisting the truth, now liberals are saying the cat was only ’40’ pounds and even worse, it was on its own in the wild. Now if you are a science mind like me and watch Discovery Channel, you understand a puma can race at leap at speeds of 60 miles per hour. Any sharp object moving that fast can tear up anything flesh!

The jogger was clearly fighting for his life and standing his ground. The cat took on a human and fortunately lost. But as we see in the video, the liberal media just cannot celebrate a victory for mankind. Sad!

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