College Bribery Scandal: Rich Dumb Kids Have The Right To Get Into College Too

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

This week the liberal media is turning against rich, hardworking Americans for helping give their kids an edge over those with lesser money.

Calling it the ‘College Bribery Scandal’, hypocrites who would just as soon defend the likes of Zion Williamsons and Dookie Dookie Azibukes getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from shoe companies, are now up in arms and taking the moral high ground that hardworking families who have been blessed by capitalism are using their wealth to make sure their kids get into a good school and get the college experience.

Vulture liberals sit around and pick apart made up details in their ‘college admission scandal’. For years rich Americans have bought their kids God-given privilege and the liberals are now trying to ruin that and take it all away!

College is not a right. If it were, we would make funding for it mandatory. Every person who gets into a college is privileged and it is no more a right than driving a car.

But now that the liberals are hellbent who destroying the lives of people with good money, we are suffering a fallout.

Today, the Hallmark Channel was forced to fire Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) from its lineup and great shows. Wives everywhere will have no feel good movies to watch this next winter and the chill will be felt in beds nationwide, believe you me!

There is a simple truth that America is ignoring: poor people do not have the right to go to college. Arguments are being made that these wealthy CEOs, clothing company founders and actors have done something wrong by giving money to schools so as to better the life of their children.

All the whining and investigation sounds a lot like sore losers! If you want your offspring to go to a good school no matter work, maybe work a bit harder? Stop ruining Hallmark and Full House movies! Build the wall! the latest video at

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