Confirmed: Gays Are Using Windmills To Waft Homosexual Mists Into Your Home

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

New studies prove that gays are exploiting wind energy by using it to power windmills that waft homosexual mists all across the United States.

Last week, President Donald Trump shared his investigative research into the link between windmills and various types of cancer. The same commission that found that link has uncovered an even more disturbing fact: windmill activity is directly correlated to the rise of homosexuality.

Despite Senate Republicans putting an effective stop to Obama’s mandate that airplanes spread 500 cubic tonnes of homosexual chemtrails upon humanity per week, windmills have quietly and consistently spread the settled mists of the product and new maps show the nation has reached a critical saturation point.

Aerial Map taken by Space Force satellites show the per capita distribution of ‘energy friendly’ windmills that were largely and secretly built by the Obama administration.  The windmills are built heaviest in the middle of the United States, so they can exploit Mother Nature by tainting high winds from the Great Plains with homosexual chemtrail reagent and then blow them all over the country.  The areas in red have reached critical levels of per capita homosexuality (+/- 40% population confirmed).

Americans are being urged to remember the 1980s when homosexuality only impacted true gays and nuclear family men stood only the most infinitesimally small chance of contracting homosexuality.  The only way to reverse homosexual chemtrails is to not use clean energy.  More fossil fuels in cars, coal-burning power plants, removal of all emissions standards, wars in the Middle East to secure more oil so it can be sold cheaper and bought faster and then not wasting money on the ozone layer is the only way to reverse all the pitfalls.


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