President Trump Orders Space Force To Collapse Liberal Black Hole In Deep Space

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

In this leaked footage from the Space Force, a ‘Red Angel’ alien sneaks out of the black hole and immediately set course for America where it planned to help Obama destroy morality.  

Only days ago, we saw proof that Obama opened a black hole in deep space so that he could try to make a portal directly to Satan.

The advanced imagery showed the the fires of hell spit out from the massive black hole, a gaping rupture in space that measures 6 billion times bigger than the Sun.  From that hole an ancient demonic beast that scholars identified as the ‘Red Angel’ emerged.

Moles within Obama’s shadow government reveal Obama used Satanic knowledge of lost ancient Egyptian sciences to create the black hole, then planned to use deep space communications to summon ancient demons to arise and declare war upon the righteous.

Fortunately, the Space Force has been busy amassing power and this footage shows them blasting Obama’s dark forces as they try to sneak through the black hole to travel to space and make their way to America.

After a massive space battle, the communist red angel retreated back into the black hole.  Even though Satan must have given it the power to escape the black hole’s high gravitational forces, a few well placed nukes from the USS Space Force 1 sent it scrambling back to whatever 3rd world dimension it came from.

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