Migrants Break Through Southern Mexico Border…

Jet Stonecrest

by Jet Stonecrest

Since Congress failed to build the border wall, President Trump and other MAGA Republicans have been forced to go to Menards and Lowes to buy 2x4s and try to post them up as a makeshift wall.  Migrants today tore straight through the wood in a ravenous rampage in Mexico City.

Mexico City – A group of about 350 migrants forced their way through Mexico City and the border late Friday and into early Saturday morning, according to authorities.

Eyewitnesses say that some members of this caravan had a hostile attitude and started to ‘ravenously attack’ people in the town of Metapa de Dominguez.  Local police tried to fight off the migrants but reports state they were forced to flee, some ‘screaming Ayudame!’ into the heavens as they were engulfed by the migrants.

President Trump has been alerted that an additional 2,500 people may be part of this caravan and advancing to parts unknown of the United States.

ebola patient raises from dead

Here, a migrant that may have contracted a cold or Ebola has easily scaled the white concrete border fence in the background and is chasing down a government agent trying to detain him for medical evaluation.

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