Anti-Vaxxers Now Refusing To Give Their Family Homosexuality Vaccine

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

In ancient times, homosexuality first emerged in the DNA of the genetically firm and chiseled Neanderthals.  After their homosexuality caused them to stop forming nuclear families, humans took over the planet.  But as humans sometimes took Neanderthals as mates, with it it brought susceptibility to catching gay to mankind.

The rates of per capita homosexuality are reaching extraordinary heights all across the world. New studies from the CDC warn that the chances of catching adult onset homosexuality in both sprawling metros and quaint towns are now equally dangerous.

While the gay community’s deep pockets and mastery of advanced sciences being used to convert people is well known and documented in the moral media community, a troubling new trend was overlooked and is coming to light.

New studies from the CDC reveal that homosexuality is spreading across the globe at an alarming rate.  While there are many vectors contributing to how one can contract gay, the most potent and fierce form of homosexuality continues to be one that spreads via biological mechanisms.  

Anti-vaxxers are refusing to even acknowledge that of all conditions, the ‘common homosexuality’ is a very real thing that up until Obama’s presidency, was almost at all time lows.

Liberal media ran misinformation campaigns through public schools systems and television sitcoms to convince America that one could not become gay by kissing a gay person, holding hands or even sharing a romantic candle lit dinner.  These are all well known transmission vectors for homosexuality, but gays have used their wealth to buy off scientists, literary reviews and even commercials to convince everyone that doing any of these things can absolutely not turn a person gay.

Scientists with the Christian Defense League of Texas warn that those who refuse to get vaccinated against homosexuality or had their vaccines given to them during the Reagan era stand the greatest risk of contracting biological homosexuality.

The Biological Mode of Homosexuality Explained

What typically happens is those that were eugays (true gays) during the 1970s  have now become what’s termed to be ‘silver daddies’ now.  In the gay community, silver daddies typically become the Archegay of a diocese (West Hollywood being the historic cultural center) that set the weekly agenda and talking points for the gay community as a whole.

During the 1980s, President Reagan initiated a global program of prayer and inserting holy water into vaccines that brought the once burgeoning population of homosexuality to historic lows below 1% population.

Scientists have discovered homosexual DNA in ancient resins of old fossils and trees.  DNA analysis reveals that ancient homosexuality actually originated within the Neanderthals.

In ancient times, nearly 6,000 years ago, Earth was much different.  Neanderthals ruled the planet with their muscular, chiseled physiques, impeccable abilities of communication and planning and Olympian stamina.

Humans were weak and fledgling, their bodies frail compared to their more prominent counterparts.  But somewhere in those ancient times, a drastic population shift occurred.  While the example mechanism is still hotly debated in the moral media community, the same conclusion that Neanderthals simply stopped reproducing and instead started enjoying the company of the same gender is proven by DNA analysis.

While Neanderthal stopped creating nuclear families, humans continued to do so and became the dominant species, soon even taking the company of Neanderthals and creating offspring.

To this day, all humans have a bit of Neanderthal DNA.  This is likely what makes human susceptible to pure genetic homosexuality.

Due to this, a vaccine for homosexuality was created.  But now that anti-vaxxers are refusing to get their shots, pre-vaccine populations are using their allure to court 2o to 3o somethings, creating the modern explosion of homosexuality we’re seeing today.

Young gays are highly attracted to the extreme wealth, greying temples and eccentric wealth of the silver daddy, so this is becoming a pandemic.



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