Mexico City Nailed with Five Feet of Hail For Disobeying President Trump

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

Last week, President Trump ordered Mexico to stop letting people sneak into the United States and making us look bad.

Mexicans refused to listen, and now look what has happened:

Mexico City is covered five feet in hail and ice, during the summer!

All last week, Mexico plastered images of America being “mean” to families for making it clear they cannot sneak here.

Trump warned the media and Mexican government if they kept their antucs up, he would be forced to flex his power.

Mexican authorities shocked and helpless as traffic came to an immediate standstill, cars being buried under five feet of hail and ice in a matter of minutes.

Mexican citizens endured subzero temperatures and grabbed shovels, desperately shoveling their loved ones out of homes that had been buried by President Trump’s warning shot ice storm.

Eyewitnesses report thousands of Mexicans trying to climb over the border wall were forced to flee, screaming ‘Ayudame!’ as an onslaught of hail and ice fell from the sky, the wrath of President Trump falling upon them for not listening to his warning to stop sneaking into America. The Mexican Army stands bewildered, trembling from the cold power of America’s ability to control weather.
The United Nations will likely condemn President Trump for sending ICE after illegal Mexicans, and sent aide vehicles to help the nation recover from being buried under so much frozen water in the middle of summer.

Now Mexico is crippled, not knowing how to deal with ICE. This warning from Trump has double meaning. He warned he would send ICE after Mexico, but everyone assumed he was just talking about the immigration agency.

Trump has now shown his power and ability to freeze illegal immigration in its tracks has no bounds.

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