Damn It Democrats, Your Impeachment Hearings is Ruining My Price Is Right

Helen Jo Ellen

by Helen Jo Ellen

Is anyone else upset that their daytime tv is being interrupted by this Democrat impeachment witch’s hunt?

In the year of 2019, it is said that we are to be a people of science and logic.  So why is it that the House Democrats are throwing President Trump into the proverbial river, glibly prancing about and trying to see if he can float in the torrents of droll testimony in which they are trying to drown his presidency?

Who even heard of the Ukraine before all this mess?  Is it really that important that we care about the affairs of lesser nations, which Court TV and nice game shows are supposed to be the background noise for our afternoon baking?

It is time for America to set its priorities straight.  If there needs to be boring politics on the television, let us please put it back on CNN where it can blare in the hospital lobbies or your mechanic’s waiting room.  Otherwise, broadcast daytime tv is an American past time that should not be sullied by partisan politics.


Thank you,

Helen Jo Ellen

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Helen Jo Ellen

Helen Jo Ellen

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