Nativity Scene 2019: Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Wrangled Up By ICE

Helen Jo Ellen

by Helen Jo Ellen

During the Christmas season, the heartwarming story at the center of it all is that of the birth of Jesus to Mary and Joseph.  The couple traveled to a manger in Bethlehem as there were no inns for them to take lodge and give birth to their baby, who would go on to be one of the most prominent figures in human history.

But there is a glaring part of the story of the nativity, the one where the couple and their young child were forced to flee Bethlehem when King Herrod demanded all first born be brought unto him.  The couple fled and became illegal immigrants in the land.

With this being the case, the onus of moral responsibility comes upon us to ask the tough question:  Is the nativity scene promoting liberalism if there is not an ICE agent making sure the illegal refugees are locked away?

We only have to ask ourselves one question to know the right answer.  If Jesus were to flee to America to escape persecution, wouldn’t we be just as okay with him getting the same treatment as these children or this child or this child?  Why would there be any difference?

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