Gays Create New ‘Penish Fish’ Species

Helen Jo Ellen

by Helen Jo Ellen

Gay scientists have created a new fish species and are allegedly littering them all over California’s beaches.

According to reports, when frightened or handled, the fish spritzes an arc of seawater into the eyes of what it perceives to be a predatory threat.   Locals and holiday goers were shocked to find their winter beach getaway turned into a horror story of epic proportion.

Families were taken aback and could be seen running away, shocked mothers covering the eyes of their offspring, as wave after wave of flesh wriggling fish came crashing ashore.  The fish are apparently not restricted to water, as they eagerly crawled across the sand and made their way to beachgoers who were paralyzed with fear.

The fish seemed exclusively attracted to straight male beachgoers, aggressively lunging at the opening of their shorts.  Men could be seen hopping and shrieking, desperately fanning these alien creatures away and out of their clothing.  Some scattered reports seem to confirm some men fell prostrate and were overwhelmed by the fish, their helpless families forced to continue running and leave them behind so the same fate didn’t befall them.

There is a purported international conspiracy that gays have invented as a coverup story for this.  They are using their vast media network to claim their genetically engineered penis fish actually came from ‘a heavy storm washing up an ancient cache of prehistoric worm-fish hybrids’.  Many people on AOL and IMVU have responded angrily and know this is face, as many people on social media have seen this report and the live video footage.

Right-wing media sites are also reporting that this is definitely the work of gay bioengineers.  Other sites have posted confirmed evidence that gays routinely unleash new ways to ‘shock’ the straight community around the Christmas and New Years holiday, as a means to end and start a new year with a homosexual attack on morality and gender faith.

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