Congressman Paul Gosar Sends Photo Of Obama Shaking Hands With Iranian President

Congressman Gosar tricked his Republican followers into thinking Obama shook hands with Iran president Hassan Rouhani.

After Gosar was called out on spreading the photoshopped image, he claimed he never said it was not fake. Instead, he let his followers just rage on and complain that Obama was best friends with Iran.

If we are going to get upset over Obama, let it be legit.

Obama’s dealing with Iran was actually an advanced display of geopolitics.  Iran does not particularly care for the US.  This has been obvious since the 70s when government overthrow and popular opinion became remarkably against Westeen powers –namely the US– tryingbro control Iran’s vast oil reserves by military force and sanctions.

Obama promised to ease sanctions if Iran allowed US presence I  the region and also agreed to stop building nukes, a treaty that would be part of a multinational agreement.  Iran actually agreed and complied.  Sure, they were still angered at the IS and surely plotted on us and used proxy battles in Iraq and Afghanistan to have at US forces.

But for the most part, eased into compliance and markets stabilized.  Oil prices dropped.  Nuclear research stopped.  But Trump has undone that and it would be surprising if we do not get into a unilateral war, o e that could risk drawing in the likes of Russia and China.

Sharing fake images is not a Republican thing to do.  It is part of the new age usurpers of our party who are going against the decent foundation of faith we pride ourselves.


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