Tutorial: How To Give Your 18 to 25 Year Old Child Bone Spurs To Avoid The Iran War

Helen Jo Ellen

by Helen Jo Ellen

New reports indicate Iran has launched a second wave of missiles against US forces and plans to unleash one of 13 devastating attacks against America.

With talk like that from Tehran, political analysts calculate the risk of war between Iran and the United States has significantly increased.  While the world waits to see if Trump petitions US Congress for a sustained war, or if he orders an immediate declaration of war, remains to be seen.

For those Republicans who are wealthy and even those of lesser families whose child had to fill out a college FAFSA, time is of the essence to prevent your child from doing the job belonging to non-resourceful liberals.

A classic, good way to work up a nice, natural looking injury is to overwork the foot.  The small muscles and bones of the foot are prone to injury, but can also heal in time with a good year or two of therapy.  In a year or two, America will have defeated Iran and pawned peace-keeping off to NATO forces.

How To Get a Nice Bone Spur Injury

  1.  Excessive Dancing – One of the most popular phone applications (“apps”) is called TikTok.  The young folks get on there and share all their modern life dances and recipes with each other.   A very popular dance they are learning on there is called the C walk (standing for Christian-walk, according to my grands).  The dance requires plenty of leaping and hopping on the feet and ankles, surely to cause a nice bone spur in a short amount of time.
  2. Run on Ice – While yes, it is risky, this is simply something that will pass.
  3. Pay off your doctor – While those of lesser financial ability will be upset about this one, the medical industry is in dire need of things like MRI machines and extra surgical supplies.  Walk straight into the medical director at a struggling hospital and offer to cut a check for a machine.  You will get your son or daughter that note that files nicely away into their medical record.  Just don’t go be foolish and get caught vis-a-vis Aunt Becky.
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