Dead Coronavirus Patients Are Rising From The Dead

Helen Jo Ellen

by Helen Jo Ellen

Newspaper reports that Wuhan has become a ‘zombie town’ with residents seen fallen in the streets, some of them mysteriously renewed and walking with life after laying immobile. Students in Nigeria report the same has happened in remote villages where the novel coronavirus is suspected.


Isaiah 26:19-20
19 Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise.

Wuhan, China – New reports confirm Wuhan China has become a ‘zombie town’.

People are passing out and going into a rigorous state, only to rise up moments later. This image is reported to come from a medical facility in Wuhan, where the passed out individual slowly regained enough life and power to stand back up and walk.

Officials have released images of people passed out in the street, only to arise moments later and stagger to nearby medical facilities. The name of the victims are not widely known or published, but the spread of the novel coronavirus has reached a global level, with thousands of suspected cases worldwide.

Scattered reports from a group of students in Nigeria confirm that zombie-like behavior is being seen of victims of the novel coronavirus. One student reported in his native pidgin,”E be like wia zombie don takeover.”

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