Is Your Teen Texting About Liberal Socialism?

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

The Democrat National American Socialist debates are taking place and there is a chance your child or wife could be exposed to liberal socialism.  With the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttijieg praising dangerous ideas like healthcare for all and taxing billionaires so that disabled non-working bums can eat, there is a chance that family members in an immature ‘rebellious’ phase could catch one of the debates and become disciples of Democrat’s National American Socialist and Independent (i.e., Bernie Sanders) agenda.

A good way to spy and tell if your family is betraying American values is to ‘slide into their DMs’ (Direct Message Texts) and see if they are using any of these coded acronyms that are popular among socialist youth like Alexandra Octovarius Cortes.

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