I Misted Essential Oil On My Coughing Asian Friend and Likely Cured Her Coronavirus

Karen Roalk

by Karen Roalk

I misted one of my Asian friends who had a suspicious cough. She came to the PTA Fun Friday event and all was going well.

Then, she started to cough a very suspiciously Asian cough.

As many are now well aware, Vice President Mike Pence has lead the world in tracking what the Trump Administration discovered and named the COV-ID 19 coronavirus.

The details are murky, but it seems that the virus had origins in a Wuhan bat soup broth or a Chinese government lab tasked with destroying America’s economy.

Whatever the case, the data indicate Asian people have caught it more often than anyone else (81,000).

My friend –we will call her Li– coughed for several seconds straight, fanning her eyes and saying “It’s just allergies” as her eyes welled up with water.

All I could do was think about all the coronavirus posts I have seen feon DailyMail.uk and the Epoch Times. I remember a video of Asians collapsing on the street in China.

I took one for the team and approched Li. I sprayed her all over with my essential oil. I told her I wanted her to test a new perfume, but really, in my soul I know I was curing this poor woman of the coronavirus.

Poor people who cannot afford the eventual medication or vaccine likely cannot afford a proper essential oil. Sorry, Walmart essential oils do not count. They are cheap and probably were made in an Asian lab in China.

Please, write to DC if you have no medication and if they are out of the eventual cure, maybe your vice president can ship you some essential oils. Good luck!

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