Three Days After Trump Holds Bible, NASA Confirms Stadium-Sized Asteroid Is Hurtling Toward Earth

Pastor Clyde H. Higgins JR

by Pastor Clyde H. Higgins JR

NASA telemetry found a giant asteroid –the first of three– is hurtling towards Earth.


This news comes three days after President Trump ordered Attorney General Barr to have secret police bomb clergy with tear gas to make way for a presidential photo op in front of St John’s church, where President Trump held a Bible.

NASA confirms the first of the asteroid is 2002 NN4.  It is 1,100 miles wide.  It will make its closest approach to Earth on June 6th.  The other two asteroids, one the size of a house and the other a car, will make their approach but not strike the planet.

Moral leaders are taking this as a warning shot from the heavens.  Before mankind even knew how to talk, the divine creator knew that everyone would blaspheme Trump and call him a false prophet for holding a Bible.  This is a warning to repent of sins and to be saved, for the next asteroid may strike down every protester and masked Covid apologist out there!

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Pastor Clyde H. Higgins JR

Pastor Clyde H. Higgins JR

Coming from a long line of righteous preachers, Pastor Clyde H. Higgins, Jr., continues the family legacy by preaching American morality to the unsaved world.