George Floyd Is Looking Down From Heaven, Thinking How Great The Jobs Numbers Look Today

Pastor Clyde H. Higgins JR

by Pastor Clyde H. Higgins JR

As George Floyd looks down from heaven today, he is taking solace in the most important thing:  the jobs numbers look great.

American unemployment has improved to 13.3% today, still worse than the Great Recession but still something to celebrate being at nearly 18% last week.

Heaven is rejoicing over the news and George Floyd is on the front lines, cheering for President Trump and the US economy.  The most important thing on everyone’s mind right now is ‘how do we get this economy running and get our bosses back to making riches’ and the answer is to not let some petty little viruses, a police state or the blatant on video murder of a man be big deals to us.

Now that George Floyd has something to celebrate, protesters should go home.  We should pretend that the coronavirus has gone 100% away and not spend one more second listening to ‘medical doctors’ and ‘virology experts’ present their ‘scientific data’ to guide some random reopening plans.

It is time for America to open their hearts, just like George Floyd has and get back to the status quo.

Source- ABC News – Trump Calls Jobs Numbers ‘Great Day’ For George Floyd

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Pastor Clyde H. Higgins JR

Pastor Clyde H. Higgins JR

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