I Feel Warm Nostalgia When I see Confederate Monuments, But I’m Not Racist

Helen Jo Ellen

by Helen Jo Ellen

I voted for President Trump and want to Make America Great Again, but people call me racist . That is not fair and I will explain why.

I love to listen and even share videos of black people explaining politics. There is a beautiful chocolate-colored girl named Candace Owens whose videos I just love sharing to all my friends. We all give her videos a ‘like’ every time she opens her mouth. If I were racist, I would not even tolerate Candace Owens and lump her into all the ‘equal rights’ Obama liberals THAT I CANNOT STAND!

I love all lives, just like the Bible says we should. All lives do matter! My nephew is in the military, so I proudly wear my support our troops shirt and have a bumper sticker saying the same on my Murano. When my neighbor fought breast cancer,I proudly wore my pink ribbon in support and run/walk 5ks in her honor and to raise awareness. When an officer was lost in the community, I switched my Facebook avatar to a thin blue line. There are so many ways to celebrate all lives, SO I DO NOT SEE WHY THE BLM PEOPLE HAVE TO BE ALL MILITANT AND WEAR THOSE BLM SHIRTS!

I love history and culture. When I walk through my Southern homeland, it gives me pride to see the statues of our Confederate generals, so strong and proud. To see the auction block where the ancestors of people like Candace Owens were once sold off and bought for a fair price, so they could be governed and taught how to serve their masters in build this great land, I can almost just feel myself there with my ancestors too. I can feel our bond. It makes my heart so sad that now, the black children of the South — the descendants of the slaves — are destroying monuments to our bond. Candace Owens and so many other black people, their ancestors are looking down from heaven, upset that their history and monuments are being uprooted too.

But they can be forgiven, just like officers who accidentally sometimes get caught up in the line of duty. Just like the time there was an empty park and a child playing with his toy guns. I remember playing cowboys and Indians with the neighbor boys growing up, but unfortunately this kiddo was just in the wrong place, wrong time, when he was playing space invaders in the park. Within a few seconds, a squad car pulled up and ooopsies shot him. Or sometimes police will bust into a black person’s home in the middle of night, on accident, and open fire because the home owners thought their home was being invaded. Oops. It is just a human mistake and yes a woman was shot 8 times, but since she wasn’t guilty of anything she will be up in Heaven. Why ruin officers lives for a simple mistake?

George Floyd and countless others were all just simple human mistakes. Sometimes when you go to Wendy’s during a late night ‘drunk’ food run, the worker people get your orders wrong. They give you chicken nuggets instead of burgers. You forgive and forget. And sometimes when you go to Wendy’s during a late night ‘drunk’ food run, you pass out and the police have to shoot you dead while you run away unarmed. Sure, maybe they got handling the situation wrong, but just like with a mixup of hamburgers and nuggets you just move on about your day. You don’t burn down the Wendy’s. How will you get more chicken nuggets?

So let us all join together and think about how we will keep this nation unified: we keep doing the same. We realize that we can make America great again. Let us return to a time where the handsome men on horseback from the Civil War are not torn down relics, but living and breathing with us again. Let us turn back to a time where we don’t burn down a Wendy’s or riot in the streets because black people are being shackled, chained, mauled with dogs and met with bullets when they demand equality. Let us have subservient peace again, just like Candace Owens tells me in her videos.

If we can do those things, I can sleep better at night as I watch Cops reruns.

<3 - Auntie Helen

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Helen Jo Ellen

Helen Jo Ellen

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