Being Forced To Wear A Seat Belt IS TAKEN MY RIGHTS

RT Rawlings

by RT Rawlings

Ever since OBama tried to force us all to wear masks and failed, I’ve been thinking. WHAT RIGHT TO THE DEMOCRATS AND ‘SCIENTISTS’ HAVE TO TELL U TO WEAR A SEAT BELT?

Scientists claim the coroneevirus masks will stop you from spreading and catching ‘the Cove its’. Will maybe I don’t care! Maybe I want to go out and wave my Dixie heretage flag, drink my beer and watch some good old fashioned car racing. I cannot even watch NASCAR any more because SURPRISE they are part of the OBAMA deep state and took my HERETAGE away!

Now let us think logically. When I get into my pick up truck, I decide to turn the key. I decide to put it in gear, hit the clutch and away I go. At no point am I jeopardizing anyone’s life. If they don’t want to be on the road with me, STAY HOME. I do not need my seatbelt WORN and there is no science saying anyone else on the road is more at risk of HURT or HARM because I am wearing a CONTROL STRAP.

Just like the N95 mask, the seatbelt was designed to force us to sacrifice our freedom and our right of choice!

There is no reason to think me wearing a seatbelt will save someone else’s life. There is no reason to think that me wearing a mask will save someone else’s life. And if you don’t like that, just stay in your home or go back to your country OBAMA!

LIBERATE yourselves! No seatbelts and any governor who is trying to force the archaic law shall be met with unhappy MAGA! And you wonj’t like it when we are good liquored up, reading our great president’s Tweets and ready to rumble like Tyson Fury!

In mankind’s early days in Europe, the first humans were faced with a great disease called the BUBONIC plague. It was unleashed upon Europe by a terrorpeople known as the MOREs. They were called the MOREs because they were jealous of all the great accomplishments of Europe and wanted MORE free handouds (hmm, sound familiar?) So they unleashed a great plague. The ‘experts’ back then made the people wear bird beak masks and guess what? IT DIDNT WORK. But one day, the plague virus just went away like President Trump said it would.

So what does that teach us?

Viruses just go away, if you let people go free. And car crashes will be just fine, if you just let people go free.

And that is the truth.

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RT Rawlings

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