Covid Ain’t Real!!! I Just Signed A Wafer Sayin So !

RT Rawlings

by RT Rawlings

Field Report

Greetings from the battlegrounds of Tulsa!  I am joined here today with thousands to celebrate our new proud white holiday named Juneteenth and to cheer on President Trump as he sets the nation striaght on the first day of summer!

The Pabst and Natural Light is flowing ice cold, the ‘protesters’ are being put in check by the cops and we are screaming MAGA MAGA MAGA!  So I apologize if my article here cuts some hard truth and is not fair or balanced.  If you want to protest that, take it up with the police (lol!)  I am sure they aren’t mad at you and will be so happy to help (lol!).

I digress.  Some of the protesters are holding signs saying that because we are not waring our masks like those fools on that singing gay NBC show, that we will catch the RONA VIRUS!

That is hilarioius because the HEAD of the INFECTIOUS DISEASE TEAM, a man you may have heard of named PRESIDENT TRUMP, created a holy wafer for us all to sign.  I added my name and it says that we have no resason to worry or sue, because none of us will catch the virus at President Trump’s Juneteenth Proud White Rally!

So I am fin and safe and we are going to have a HUGE bonfire party tonight!  Believe you me.

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