Investigative Report: Antimaskers, the New Antivaxxers

Molly Simms

by Molly Simms

After spending several days researching and interviewing people who refuse to wear masks, I was able to reach one conclusive point: there are people that exist who are plain dumb.

No, these are not people who suffer from a disability or condition. These are people who do not contain the human desire to be decent people. These are people who by the theory of evolution should make a choice that sees them wiped from existence by a poor choice.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where non-dumb people work together to advance humanity and by that token dumb people do not suffer from things like polio, smallbox, Bubonic plague and other illnesses. Even if they refuse vaccines, there are typically enough smart people working together that they do not get sick.

Even more unfortunately, with the novel coronavirus humanity faces a highly transmissible virus that the non-dumb people are currently attempting to find a treatment and vaccine plan to put in place. As this process takes place, there is one thing people can do that can reduce the chance of transmitting the virus to nearly 1%: wear a mask when in public.

This has given rise to a new breed of human – antimaskers.

Instead of breaking down all the science of the sociological survey and all the graphs, instead today we can see the antimasker argument in video format. Enjoy.

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Molly Simms

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