How Can ‘Native’ Americans Demand to Take Mount Rushmore Back, When They Didn’t Even Build It?

Karen Conn

by Karen Conn

Growing up as a little girl, I always liked looking for the Native American shooting a star on the wrapper of my tootsie pop. If I could find one, the nice owner of the grocery store would always give an extra lollipop in trade for the wrapper.

So now like many other true Americans, I feel like I’ve been shot in the star of my heart and soul after finding ‘Native’ Americans are demanding to “take back” our sacred monument Mount Rushmore and being upset for Donald Trump planning on the fireworks extrvaganza on site on July 3rd.

Mount Rushmore is a precious and sacred part of my American heritage. The presidents immortalized by being carved into what was once a nameless rock mountain symbolize the most precious elements of American history.

It is very hurtful that ‘Native’ Americans would want to desecrate our timeless memorial to our forefathers, our grandfathers, as if they don’t mean anything to our memories and history.

This is also a place where our good President Donald Trump will likely have his countenance added by future generations, the fifth grandfather, so future generations may look upon him and feel his calm, loving spirit looking and blowing down upon them upon the South Dakotan winds.

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Karen Conn

Karen Conn

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