Leaked Info: White House Prepares Coronavirus PR Blitz Next Week, Will Tell America “Learn to Live With It”

Jimmy Bo Higgins

by Jimmy Bo Higgins

White House insiders have leaked information that President Trump is prepared to give up on the coronavirus and next week the White House/Fox News will start a PR blitz to tell Americans one thing: learn to live with it.

Florida reported its worst day of coronavirus infections and if the scientists are to be believed, in several some of those infections will translate to deaths.

Since a good number of the country believes the coronavirus is a hoax and reports of the coronavirus from other countries are fake, they are going through summer without social distancing and not wearing masks. There are some reports that indicate this is causing coronavirus cases to rise, but that is only important to people who believe it.

Philosophers call this situation Pascal’s wager. If Trump is right and the virus is a hoax or at best will go away soon with the hot weather, we are fine. If the scientists and liberals are right, we are fucked. No matter what the case, if we are going to make Trump look good for the next election the White House strategy for next week is crucial and we all have to play our part.

Strategy: Political Distancing

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