Face Masks are A Symbol of Oppression Against My Christian Heritage

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

As the United States is in the midst of a brutal culture war where the BLM extremists are using their vast wealth and privilege to streamroll my oppressed Southern Confederate heritage, I and many other people of the faith are also being attacked by masked mercenaries of totalitarian destruction!

The CDC is reporting that there is an ‘increase’ in virus and are starting to force people to wear masks to stop it from spreading.  My faith is that if a person:

  1.  Prays
  2.  Rubs the nostriles with a little bleach or takes a little hydroxycholoroquine
  3.  Eats an orange.  All of it in the warm Georgia sunshine
  4.  Have your pastor bless some olive oil (made in America) and rub it on the soles of your feet

that person cannot transmit the coronavirus to another person.  My pastor told us this and it has worked so far, aside from a few families that got sick and probably were being punished for secret sin or didn’t do a step the right way.

So when I see people trying to force me wear a mask, I am offended because as a Southern Baptist, and I speak for every one of us here, I will not have more religion oppressed just because some scientists say the four steps we created to protect those of faith from the coronavirus is a ‘primitive’ way.

When the Europeans came and helped the Native Americans become civilized and gave them a little less land to have to worry about (Natives were not good at keeping their grass cut and domesticating the animals), liberals brand that time period as an ‘oppression’ and say that the Europeans of that time were savage genocidal extremists with no respect for other cultures.

But what is happening to modern Christians now that ‘scientists’ are coming out with our their mumba jumble jabber and trying to trick us all with their ‘experimental data’ and ‘correlation doesn’t equal causation’ logic!  They are doing to us what Hernan Cortes did to the natives, but all of a sudden it is supposed to be okay!

They forced the Lakota to wear suits, well it is no different than muzzling a Christian with a biosuit that is not even BREATHABLE just because some guys think they are of superior jeans.

This is a travesty and an injustice.  This is not the American our forefathers dreamed about at all.

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Dr. Jet Stonecrest

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

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