If Pants Can’t Stop Farts, Then How Can A Mask Stop the Coronavirus?

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

It is time to be honest.  If you’ve ever eaten some authentic Mexican food at Taco Bell or maybe traditional American at Big Billy’s BBQ shack down off Snell Street, you likely have had a bit of indigestion.  With indigestion, you may have a bit of gas from the ass and have to release your muscles to feel better.  But soon you yourself or others around you may notice the scents of nature.

How is that?  How is it, that your gas could pass through your Duluth boxers, through your pants and travel to the nose when there is a double or triple barrier in between.  The scientific answer is simple:  microbiology.

It is hard to conceptualize, but there is a world of existence that one cannot see with the naked eye.  God has created things so small that man cannot see or really understand them that well.  So as it stands, the delicious beefy fritos burrito and Mountain Dew you get at Taco Bell gets metabolized into smaller components, and it is those components that eventually come through your digestive system and when released can make it to your nose.

The molecules of food are orders of magnitude smaller than the coronyvirus, so naturally a cloth mask –made of lesser material — cannot block that so Dr. Fauci and friends only need to be asked one question to expose their lie.

Dr. Fauci, if pants can’t stop farts, then how can a mask stop the coronyvirus?  Let us see if he has an answer to this question.  I can guarantee he doesn’t because there is no way it can do such.  Any kid with a playset where the square block does not fit into the circle can tell you that!

-Jet Stonecrest

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