Europeans Cannot Ban Me From Travel, I’m An AMERICAN!

Karen Conn

by Karen Conn

Today the European Union had the audacity to try and take my freedom to travel WHEREVER I want to on the globe. Here is a newsflash: you cannot take an American’s right and freedom to travel wherever we want!

In addition to being unconstitutional, it is immoral and disrespectful to say Americans are not welcome somewhere. When Europe was drowning under the boots of German tyranny in World War II, Americans did not hesitate to fly right over and rain freedom from the UK to the crappy yet quaint countries in Eastern Europe.

Now I cannot even get a ticket to Bulgaria! Insanity!

I demand the European Union open right now.

And when I do come, I am not wearing a mask! If you cannot handle some little germs, then maybe you should toughen up buttercup Europeans and stay home!

My summer will not be ruined because you Obama liberal over in Europe are scared of a little karate virus kicking you around.

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Karen Conn

Karen Conn

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