Millenials Duct Tape Banana To Wall, Sell It As $120,000 Work of Art, Then Eat It

Helen Jo Ellen

by Helen Jo Ellen

Last week I received some very nasty letters where people called me a ‘boomer’ and every single they did this in a negative, meant context.

Well, let me say something.  There is something wrong with a cohort when this is the type of headlines I see:

A few days ago, some new age art fair had an exhibit where an ‘artist’ taped a banana to a wall.  Someone bought the art for $120,000 dollars.

Then if that is not bad and bizarre enough, someone ate the banana that was duct taped to the wall.

So the next time someone complains because they are getting taxed to pay for ‘boomers’, evidently you youngsters have enough money to go and spend $120,000 on a banana and duct tape , so I don’t want to hear it.

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