Should Nancy Pelosi Apologize For Wearing A Low Cut Blouse To President Trump’s SOTU Speech?

Dr. Jet Stonecrest

by Dr. Jet Stonecrest

Notice the two men in the image above.  They are wearing power suits, their America-proud chests completely covered with a shirt, a blazer and a tie.

Now look at the womean in the image.  Form fitting dress and a blouse that openly exposes her chest!  For all the billiobs of eyes of the world turned to see President Trump’s update on mankind, Pelosi tries to steal the show.

None of us should know her chest has a rosy peach hue to it, but she exposed herself to try to distract from Trump’s sage words.  She tore up his speech to try to get extra attention to her flapjacks and it worked!  People have not even been able to stop talking about Shakira and Jlo’s hellsending skin show not Pelosi’s ancient chest juke.

Be warned, men. Women have used their bodies to cause us to sin since the times of The Bible, and they are back full force.

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