Plane Dumps Gay-Tainted Fuel On California School

Marion Uncmeier

by Marion Uncmeier

The Chinese government had made a deep state partnership with the gay community to sew the seeds of homosexuality into the future of America.

Since the Trump presidency, the incidence of homosexual chemtrail attacks have drastically decreased.  The rates of new-onset homosexuality have been nearly extinguished.  Christian scientists reverse engineered scientific efforts of the gay community to create a cure for traditional chemtrail induced homosexuality.

The Delta Airlines flight from LA to Chicago was already suspicious enough.  Nearly halfway through the flight the plane suddenly experienced ‘a malfunction’ then quickly turned back around to LAX.  En route, the plane suddenly and mysteriously dumped nearly all its fuel on an innocent neighborhood.

Sources within the Christian Defense League of Texas report insider information that reveals the plane was supposed to drop this fuel in secret, so it could land in groundwater and get into the lakes/rivers/streams in the area.  That way, people who do things like fish and hunt mule deer would likely eat meat from animals who consumed the ground water, which would then be consumed by hunters who tend to be traditional Republican/moral type folks.  By doing this, liberals could ensure they wiped out the last of conservative thinkers in LA and Southern California, completing their plans to turn the region into a sodomy Megalopolis.

Not even Obama would be dire enough to use Delta Airlines to dump chemtrails on an elementary school and he is wiley enough not to do this in public.  The Chinese must have miscalculated their plan and now the whole world can see.

What are the odds that something else was to blame for this?  There is exactly 0% chance of a quality plane like this suddenly having to return and accidentally spilling all that fuel and then staying afloat.  This was definitely a deep state operation gone wrong.

CDL of Texas has lobbied the Trump Administration to dig further into their findings and will give follow-up reports.

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Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier

Marion Uncmeier is a New-York based media personality and host of several adult educational programs.